DMM 33750T002

Museum: Deutsches Museum, Munich

Title: Sector by Michael Butterfield

Inventory number: DMM 33750T002

Date: End of 17./beginning of 18 century

Material: Brass

Dimensions: Lenght of limb: 166 mm; width: 15 mm. 

Signature: "Butterfield AParis Fecit" ["A" merges with "P"] note the "tt" in "Butterfield". On the other side "v. R." probably the owner.

Description: See Schneider, 1970, p. 88.

Preliminary examination of the metallic scales: Planetary symbols on the metal scale, indicated a "Les Metaux". No caliber scales on the border. From the Butterfield sectors owned by the Deutsches Museum probably the only one which is fine engraved.

ReferencesSchneider, Ivo: Der Proportionalzirkel: Ein universelles Analogrecheninstrument der Vergangenheit. Deutsches Museum: Abhandlungen und Berichte. 38. Jahrgang 1970, Heft 2. München, Düsseldorf 1970, p. 88.

Measurements of Scales (in mm)

"Les Metaux"

☉ [Sun, Gold]


♄ [Saturn, Lead]


☽ [Moon, Silver]


♀ [Venus, Copper]


♂ [Mars, Iron]


♃ [Jupiter, Tin]