DMM 72881

Museum: Deutsches Museum, Munich, Online Collection

Title: Sector with ten divisions

Inventory number: DMM 72881

Date: To be established.

Material: Brass

Dimensions: Limb length 332; limb width 42.

Description: See Schneider, 1970, p. 79. 

Preliminary examination of the metallic scales: It looks very well constructed. Metallic line called "METALLICA". Atronomical signs for metals, plus extra abbreviated names (e.g., "AL.", "MGN"), and two half circles delimitating the sentence "DIAM. GLOB. FERR. LB. I. BELG." on lower limb, and "DIAM. GLOB. FERR. LB. I. NOR." on upper limb. Other several lines and scales on both sides.

ReferencesSchneider, Ivo: Der Proportionalzirkel: Ein universelles Analogrecheninstrument der Vergangenheit. Deutsches Museum: Abhandlungen und Berichte. 38. Jahrgang 1970, Heft 2. München, Düsseldorf 1970, p. 79.