DMM 5810

Museum: Deutsches Museum, Munich

Title: Galileian Sector (Compasso Geometrico e Militare), replica

Inventory number: DMM 5810

Date: To be established.

Material: Brass

Dimensions: Lenght = 25,7 cm (from Schneider 1970, p. 77)

Description: See Schneider, 1970, p. 77.

Preliminary examination of the metallic scales: a replica of Galilei's Compasso Geometrico, made in the second half of the nineteenth century in Florence, directly on the original. Acquired by the DM in 1909. The metallic line is indicated, but not reproduced perfectly, as there are no dots on the lines at the corresponding metals. 

References: Schneider, Ivo: Der Proportionalzirkel: Ein universelles Analogrecheninstrument der Vergangenheit. Deutsches Museum: Abhandlungen und Berichte. 38. Jahrgang 1970, Heft 2. München, Düsseldorf 1970, p. 77.

Measurements of Scales (in mm)

Metallic Line

ORO 71
PIO 81
AR 84
RA 87
FE 91
ST 97
MA [132]
PIE [132]